Thursday, 7 July 2011

A Funny Short One

I've razed a field of rye
Sheafs of wheat I've strangled
I've made some maize to die
Heads of barley I have mangled

I've spelled the end for spelt
My job title is 'miller' -
But in my heart I've always felt
I am a cereal killer

Ten of the Best

I have been published!! Every poet's dream, made glorious reality... This lovely anthology features 10 poems each by 5 upcoming young Welsh writers. I am one of them!! It is part of Parthian's Bright Young Things series, with me definitely putting the 'Thing' into that particular phrase... Anyway, if you'd like to buy a copy, please message me, or go to
You are also very welcome to attend the Cardiff launch of this and the Nu2 anthology of nu Welsh writing (which I happen to be in as well!) on Weds 13th July at 7pm, Chapter Arts Centre in Cardiff