Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Useless/Useful Things Competition

Spurred on by the useless/useful nature of the Banana Guard, I have decided to conduct a small competition. Write a poem (ode, ballad, villanelle, blank verse, etc) dedicated to, or inspired by, one of the least, or most, useful things you know of, and you could win a prize!!

Since I am going to be in a book called 'Ten of the Best', the best of the poems received shall win a copy of the book as 1st prize. Second and third will win smaller prizes, taken from the Mountains of Crap I seem to accumulate (cool crap, tho! I promise).

Please send your poems to: mabananajones(at)

Winners will be announced on the 13th July, at the Ten of the Best launch at Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff.

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Banana Guard

You never know what you need until you find it. Yes, *neeeeed*!! A banana guard is a wonderful idea. It will guard my banana (singular?) from potential banana thieves. This could happen! No, really....

I found this in a charity shop in Canton, Cardiff today. To find out more, see:

Banana Guards Website